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My Story

I first started a small British motorcycle business in 1982 in Albion Brisbane.  With a partner I then moved to 3 different locations until my wife Judith and I moved to the USA in 1994 for a couple of years. I started a small hole in the wall shop in Atlanta in 1996 and started to repair and build British Classics.
We eventually moved back to OZ in 2011 and since then I have built and sold a few but now mainly concentrate on building the odd bike for sale but mostly I just build bikes for myself. 


I have never committed acts of vandalism when it comes to building all of the specials found on this site. This butchery was already done buy blokes making money deliberately dismantling bikes to sell as parts ,others making choppers in the '60s or inadvertantly ending up at swap meets after an owner overestimated his ability to restore his bike.  Everything you will see here is from bits and pieces found at swaps and the like.  I must have a problem and would rather see a special built than have useful bits lying around rusting. Any matching number bike I have found has always been built back to or near factory spec. Building original spec bikes from non matching numbers does not necessarily make sense to me as it will and can never be a restoration. 



reverse head Triumph 001.JPG
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