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The other day I dragged out the trusty ’70 Triumph for a ride. Kick kick kick etc and so on, nothing, nada, etc, dead. Not even a pop or bang. Damn. Funny as the headlight looks strong, so battery seems up to it and it ran well when parked up. So pull the plugs and find no visible spark, although eyesight not great. Hmmm. Ok so check voltage at battery, low, too low for an analogue electronic ignition, they need near or at 12v and a battery with some available current as these units do draw a bit. The still bright headlight is what led me astray, but then the penny dropped, I have an LED beam in this thing now and as one knows or should know, these things need little voltage with a small current draw to still give a reasonable light. It was bright, brighter than this old dog, for a while anyway. Whack the charger on give it a boot and I’m on my way. Lesson learned.

On the road again, cheers, Brian

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